Lucy Nina Pashmina Scarf

Our exquisite collection of Pashima scarves are made from the finest goats in the mountains of Mongolia. Well loved baby goats are finely combed in the summer season to collect the softest and most delicate pashmina fibers. Our scarves are hand woven in Italy using the highest quality looms and dyes on the market. 

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Lucy Nina Italian Leather Bag

Our curated collection of Italian leather hand bags are a staple for any woman's wardrobe. They are made and assembled in Italy using the high quality ingredients that Italy has been known for since the Middle Ages. We will be releasing new collections every season. 

Lucy Nina Pashmina Scarf Collection

Lucy Nina Italian Leather Bag Collection  

Who We Are

Lucy Nina is a lifestyle brand dedicated to providing fashionable women with beautiful, high quality fashion accessories . We source our raw materials from the high mountains of Mongolia for our Pashmina scarf collection and our Italian leather from the same makers that produce the world's most well known brands. Our pieces are designed for every occasion, whether you're globe trotting or heading to a business meeting.